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Great Leader, Great Lady

Great leader, great lady,

the legendary political sensation,

how you have enthralled your supporters

by ruling a small island nation

otherwise unnoticed without you.


Iron Lady of the land,

with iron fist clenched,

you saved your region

from the Communist stench.


You spent your best years

as P. M. in the green:

the Nature Island would be obscure

had you never been.


After a well-spent fifteen years

as head of your dominion,

your rival James came over

and turned it into financial oblivion.


Yet even the folk take some time

to remember your accomplishments

by and by,


while the Labourites are rebuilding

our country as an honest regiment,

side by side.


Rosie and Pierre and Skerrit—

none can even take your place.

Thinking of how great we were once,

I can only look tearfully at your face—

at least on a page.


But then, the news came to us

the day after you died.

I feel like it has been too late,

and I could have been by your bedside.


When others go on and

never care about you,

I can only take a minute

and think about all that you could do...

for your country.


Now you fly on with the angels,

way up in the sky.

I will always have time to remember you

as time passes by.


You were an inspiration to us all,

but please, Miss Eugenia, may I ask?

To rule a Nature Island oh, so small,

is what I consider your greatest task.


May your deeds go down in history,

lest we forget...




As of now, I am trying to get a children's story finished by next month. It is codenamed "Mero" because part of it is inspired by a beach party I attended therein on August 19th. At the moment of typing this, I am on my sixth chapter.


I will write again. Farewell in the Lord's name.



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To the extent possible under law, Kenneth Routhwick has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Great Leader, Great Lady. This work is published from the United States (originally written in Dominica).

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