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Page history last edited by Dylan 12 years, 10 months ago

Introduction - April/May 2005 we go again! As I am about to enter my exams period, I now type a very short introduction similar to the one I did last Christmas.


What a time and what a struggle these past 3½ months have been! At college I have not been feeling like myself, because of my fan-stemmed obsession to those fuzzy, furry bears up in the sky they call...the Care Bears.


This was, I confess, one of my favourite shows growing up as a child in the 90's watching the good old Disney Channel. But were it not for their new DVD film, Journey to Joke-a-lot, I would have only seen them from time to time in their own movies (which, as a matter of fact, are rarely shown anymore on cable).


And were it not for a few fan sites that I discovered at the beginning of 2005, it would never have occured to me that I'd be watching some of those episodes right now! Not to mention trailers for all of their films except the least-seen one, Adventure in Wonderland. That for the latter runs only for its first 12 seconds!


So, it's no wonder this craze made me miss out on my most important school assignments: the GEO112 project on the December 26 tsunami and our November 21 quake, and the English essay for Mr. Massecott which I never got around to writing.


I even tried to start my next novella with a dedication to the Bears and Cousins--the plan did not succeed.


And, added to the obsession, came even worse: for days on and off, I enjoyed the music of ABBA on my CD player till my batteries could not take it.


Finding Wikipedia as a friend via their aricle on the famous tsunami made me become a member within weeks.


Watching NIMH 1 on DVD since last month has got me hooked to the Don Bluth classic all over again.


And recently, I have come home late more times than I ever had before, thanks to working online for hours without a stop!


Somehow this has got to stop. I am a college student, yes; but everything else outside my perimeters of study has socially brought me down. This, coupled with advice from Granny and others, has led to my making of this decision:




And, hopefully, it will remain that way until May 10th.


At least I have a list of DVD goodies that I'm ready to ask Mom for this weekend. I've asked Lucerne for one of them.


Well, I have got to go now. See you all in Summer--and may God bless you visitors!


A.M.D.G. - To the greater glory of God.


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     Written of the 15th of April, 2005.


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