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The Origins of the Name: Colretton




The idea behind this brand-new name began on the night of Sunday, November 21st, 2004, when I was watching a Fox News Channel special called "Hating America". (Sorry I ever mentioned the name--I'm a Christian.) Towards the end of the special, I came across a combination of scrambled real-time captions--on the bottom line of those captions read out a non-existent word, called "COULIRESSON".


I thought to myself before going to bed, "This is going to be a great idea."


The next morning, I wrote the new word in its entirety in blue ink--"Couliresson"--along with the possible pronunciation, on a torn-out page hidden at the back of my Geography notebook.


But when it came to registering the new name on at the Public Library on Victoria Street, I found it was too expensive to do so--US$150! How unaffordable!


"This could take a long time," I remarked to myself, because I had no unnecessary money to spend on building a site. With help from Internet manuals at the DSC Library, I endeavoured to get my domain registered at, and, but all attempts concluded in vain.


On Thursday, I checked Google to see whether possible versions of the name ever existed. None did, and I was in luck!


The next week, I logged on to Yahoo! GeoCities to start my page. But I was told it would cost to build it, so I abandoned it.


Finally, on Tuesday, I went to the college technician, Mr. Dalton, and told him about my problems with launching the site--all of which would eventually be solved, thanks to the advice on another student who happened to be near the office. Suggesting Tripod, she told me that I could build my own site there--for free! So on I went, constructing in my free time--all leading up to the message that I have taken two days to write.


So, here you have it--a brand-new name, and a brand-new website--both created by me, a State College student! For all of those reading here or visiting my home page, enjoy!


     This introductory message was typed on the 3rd and 4th of December, 2004, and revised on the 6th.


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